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Our Story

We started this website with the idea that if we give ourselves the assignment of sharing interesting Empty Nest stories, we'll be forced to do Empty Nest things worthy of sharing. At the macro level, we're typical - 50-something parents of two adultish kids. We've put enough money away to enjoy life a little, but not so much that we're aren't still working. John as a veteran of the great decline of the newspaper business, a former hard-news reporter for the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times, now focusing on travel writing. Mary is a senior marketing executive, specializing in the kind of digital performance media that has hastened the decline of newspapers. Mary is a longtime practitioner of hot yoga and healthy eating. John leans more toward minor league baseball games and friendly rounds of golf. We both love to cook and eat, and watch live music.



We're not looking to reinvent ourselves. But we see our looming Empty Nest years as more about growth and learning than entering some sort of glide path toward retirement. We like Tiki Bar sunsets and warm sandy beaches as much as the next person. But we mostly like exploring new places on our own two feet; wandering into live-music bars and settling in.



Our goal with this website is to share our experiences in a way that is more focused on people like us. We'd love to create a community of like-minded, low-key adventurers.

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